Weed Wheels
String trimmer support wheels
Established 2004

"Trim those weeds the
Weed Wheels way!"

Leg assembly

Step 1

3/8 flat washer on 3/8 bolt

Install a 3/8 Flat Washer onto one of the 3/8 x 2 Bolts.

Step 2

3/8 flat washer and axle tube on 3/8 bolt

Place an axle spacer onto the 3/8 x 2 Bolt.

Step 3

Add a wheel

Place the wheel onto the axle spacer. Note the position of the extended end of the wheel hub.

Step 4

Add a leg and nut

Place the axle bolt through the single hole in the short end of one leg. Thread on and tighten a nut. Make sure the wheel spins freely on the axle assembly. If it doesn't disassemble and check for burrs in the wheel axle bore and on the axle spacer. Remove any burrs found and reassemble.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1-4 to assemble other leg.

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