Weed Wheels
String trimmer support wheels
Established 2004

"Trim those weeds the
Weed Wheels way!"

Final Assembly & Installation

Step 6

Install saddle block on one leg

Place two 1/4 x 2 1/2 pinch bolts through the two holes in the long end of one leg assembly. Install a saddle block over these two bolts so the cut out faces away from the leg.

Step 7

Place saddle blocl against trimmer shaft, install second block and leg.

Holding the assembled saddle block and leg against the shaft of the string trimmer so that the wheel points toward the bottom of the trimmer head. Place a second saddle block over the bolts with the cut out facing the shaft of the string trimmer. Place the remaining leg assembly over the bolts.

Step 8

Install wingnuts

Place a lock washer on each pinch bolt, then thread a wing nut onto each of the pinch bolts. Adjust the position of the assembled Weed Wheels for the desired height and angle of the trimmer head. Tighten the wing nuts and you're ready to go!