Weed Wheels
String trimmer support wheels
Established 2004

"Trim those weeds the
Weed Wheels way!"

Q: What is the difference between standard and professional grade?

A: The difference is in the thickness of the metal used to make the legs. The professional grade legs are made from 14 gauge steel. The standard grade are made from 16 gauge.

Q: Will your wheels fit my string trimmer (Brand xxx Model #xxxxx)?

A: Unfortunately, I don't have one of the trimmers referred to (I can't afford to buy them all). You can find a listing of shaft sizes reported by other customers here. In general if your trimmer has a round metal shaft that goes all the way down to the trimmer head Weed Wheels will fit.

Q: I have an electric trimmer. Will your product work with it?

A: The short answer is maybe. Most electric trimmers have a plastic boot that covers the bottom of the shaft and/or a shaft that isn't round. Weed Wheels will not work with these trimmers. Go here to see a list of trimmers (including a few electric ones) that other customers have reported using Weed Wheels with.

Q: How do I "bump feed" the trimmer line with Weed Wheels?

A: You can bump the trimmer head either by raising the back of the trimmer higher than usual. You can also use a tree root, or a rock. You can avoid making bald spots by bumping the trimmer head on a sidewalk.

Q: How do I measure the shaft size?

A: The shaft sizes used on the website are the shaft diameter. A 1" shaft is the most common. There are three ways to measure this (ranked most accurate to least accurate)

  1. Vernier calipers: Any decent machinst or mechanic will have these.
  2. Adjustable Wrench: Lightly snug the jaws of the wrench down on the shaft and measure the space between them.
  3. 3x5 card:
    1. Cut a slot in the card 7/8" wide x approximately 1" deep.
    2. Slip the card over the shaft where the wheel set will mount:
      • If you can not slip it over without deforming the card you probably have a 1" shaft.
      • If there is a bunch of space between the shaft and the card you probably have a 3/4" shaft.
      • Otherwise it is probably a 7/8" shaft
Note: I do not recommend measuring the circumference and then converting to diameter as this can be wildly inaccurate.
Note: If using the 3x5 card method be aware that some trimmers have shafts as large as 1-1/2" typically on the machines with multiple attachments.

Q: How do I order with bitcoin?

A: Payment with Bitcoin is currently experimental. As a result all such orders are subject to individual review and acceptance while I develop policies and procedures. That having been said if you would like to pay with Bitcoin:

  1. Send an email to my bitcoin orders email containing:
    • Individual line items as listed on the regular order pages including quantities
    • Shipping address
  2. I will respond with an email containing further information