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Weed Wheels
String trimmer support wheels
Established 2004

"Trim those weeds the
Weed Wheels way!"

Support wheels for any straight or bent metal shaft string trimmer.
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me as the weed warrior
Reprising my perennial role as
the "weed warrior". No mercy!

One of the most dreaded tasks every year is clearing the huge amount of grass that grows around my house. So I came up with "Weed Wheels" to make the job easier.

Whether you are a professional landscaper or a backyard Do-It-Yourselfer, using a string trimmer can be a pain in the back, literally!

Made right here in the USA from sturdy materials these support wheels were built to last. We use 'em every year, so we should know!

Weed Wheels take the weight off your back!

Weed Wheels transfer the weight of the trimmer to the ground, where it belongs. Not to your back, where it doesn't! If you use a String Trimmer like we do you know how much of a pain it can be. Weed Wheels make the chore much easier.

Buy your straight shaft or bent shaft Weed Wheels today!

using Weed Wheels

Weed Wheels get rid of that cumbersome harness.

Whether you use a single shoulder strap or the full torso harness you know what a good job it does at attaching you to the String Trimmer. The result is that every vibration is sent directly to your back! And who wants to have to bend over or crouch down every time you need to set down the String Trimmer? Not me! Weed Wheels unhook you from that hot, vibrating monster. Need to set it down for a minute? Then just set it down. No unhooking, no trying to twist around to get at the catch. Even better while it's on the ground the wheels hold the trimmer head off the ground.

Get your bent shaft or straight shaft Weed Wheels now!

Weed Wheels can be used right or left handed.

Because Weed Wheels unhook you from the String Trimmer you can use it either right or left handed. Weed Wheels let you switch arms whenever one gets tired. Try that with the old way of using a String Trimmer and you'll discover how inconvenient that shoulder strap can be. Want to run right along the wall but your legs keep getting in the way? No problem. Just switch hands and walk forward. Need to get into that tight corner behind the ornamental tree? Weed Wheels solves your problem. Follow one wall in, then the other, simple and quick. And when one arm gets tired, just switch to the other hand!

Don't wait! Purchase your straight shaft or bent shaft Weed Wheels!

Weed Wheels reduce throwback.

Tired of looking like the weed monster after using your String Trimmer? Because you cut with the side of the trimmer head when using Weed Wheels you can reduce the amount of junk that gets thrown back at you. Not just grass either. String Trimmers throw rocks, wood chips, and any metal that happens to be lying around loose. Weed Wheels let you choose which direction things get thrown.

End the mess. Get your Weed Wheels today. Available for straight shaft or bent shaft String Trimmers.

Starting a string trimmer with Weed Wheels

Weed Wheels make starting a snap.

Using a harness you have two choices, start the String Trimmer while hooked up to it, or hook up after it's running. Hooking up to a running String Trimmer can be dangerous. Just ask anyone that has accidentally touched a hot muffler, or a live spark plug! Starting it while hooked up isn't much better. Squeeze the gas and yank the starting cord. Ouch! There's a good way to put a crink in your back. And by the way don't forget to keep the trimmer end up, or you'll get a nice little bald spot on the ground.

Weed Wheels solve all this and more. So get your bent shaft or straight shaft Weed Wheels.

Weed Wheels control the cutting height.

Ever tried getting a consistent height cut with a String Trimmer? Trying to gauge the height of the trimmer head above the ground can be a real tough job! Especially on grown over ground. But nobody likes those ugly bald spots. The result? An uneven, even lumpy looking job. Weed Wheels mount down by the trimmer head, reducing the movement resulting from the operator. And since the wheels run on the ground you're trying to match you get a smooth, fast, professional looking trim every time, even for that first trim of the year when you're out of practice!

Doesn't your yard deserve a professional looking job? Get your straight shaft or bent shaft Weed Wheels now.

Weed Wheels make beveled edging easy.

Ever seen a professionally trimmed lawn with beveled edge all the way around? Now you can do the same thing. Weed Wheels let you turn the String Trimmer on it's side. Then you just walk it along the edge of your lawn. The angle on the trimmer head makes a nice even bevel in just minutes rather than hours.

Get an expensive looking result for a lot less than others pay. Buy your straight shaft Weed Wheels today.

I used my weed wheels today for the first time and I loved it! It was so much simpler to weedeat my grass. I'm so glad I saw your website the day I was looking for a wheeled trimmer. You sure saved me a lot of money with your weed wheels.
Thank you,
Tracy Mount

Weed Wheels convert your String Trimmer into one of those wheeled trimmers you see on TV.

Want one of those expensive wheeled trimmers you see on TV, but can't afford one? Want the benefits of a wheeled trimmer but don't have a big enough yard to justify it? Weed Wheels are the answer. You get the benefits of those wheeled trimmers at far less cost, and it works with the String Trimmer you already have. That means it fits your yard, and won't add clutter to you garage either!

Buy your bent shaft or straight shaft Weed Wheels today!

Weed Wheels let you adjust the height and angle of the String Trimmer quickly and easily.

Weed Wheels use wing nuts to hold onto the String Trimmer shaft. That means you can adjust the position and angle of the trimmer head quickly and easily, without the need the carry around a tool box. Try doing that with one of those big heavy wheeled trimmers. Nothing beats Weed Wheels for ease of use and versatility.

You need the most unique String Trimmer accessory available. Get your bent shaft or straight shaft Weed Wheels now.

Weed Wheels are stable and sure footed.

Weed Wheels two wheeled design provides a wide stance. Combine that with the treaded wheels and you get unsurpassed stability. No skipping and sliding over the ground. The trimmer head goes where you want it, and stays away from places you don't. Our competitors offer one or two wheels, set close together, so you still have to use both hands!

Buy your straight shaft or bent shaft Weed Wheels today.

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So don't delay, get your straight shaft or bent shaft Weed Wheels now.